Go The Way of Hope | About Melissa
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Melissa Fisher

So you want to know more about me?


I am a born and raised Texas girl who has a passion for good barbq, the mountains of Colorado, and seeing people come to know Jesus. I’ve worked as a drive thru cashier in high school, cleaned houses in college, and as a backpacking guide in Colorado (Best Job Ever!).


My passion for sports and teaching took me into education where I spent 10 years working as a high school teacher and coach. After a crazy adventure of letting go and following God, I am currently on staff at Gateway Church in Austin, Tx. I enjoy writing, speaking, traveling, being outdoors and a whole bunch of other stuff you can read about below.

Things I Like

My Dogs

I have two labs which means I have to sweep my floors a lot. Abby is my 13 year old black lab and has been with me through some of my highest of highs and darkest lows. We’ve spent years trail running and going on adventures until arthritis stole her ability to get out much and run. Like many of you pet owners know, watching a favorite furry friend age is hard, and this season with Abby hasn’t been easy. Colby is my 10 year old white lab and loves to eat and doesn’t mind short runs in cool weather but will just as well walk or meander along. Her sweet disposition constantly reminds me of what faithful love really looks like. She sheds more than any dog I’ve ever met which means I have to keep a lint brush close by!

My Chickens

Yup. I have chickens. Bonnie has one eye, Nugget lays light blue eggs, and Blue runs funny. Well, they all run funny which is part of the reason I enjoy having them in my backyard. There’s nothing like looking out the kitchen window while you are washing dishes and watching chickens run and chase each other. The best part though is getting to give away the ladies’ fresh eggs to friends.

My Garden

I currently have 3 Roma tomato plants that are just doing great! The green bean plants are doing well but the peppers are oddly struggling this year. There must be a magic trick to growing cucumbers because once again they just seem to simply look at me and say, “really?” For some of you, reading about my garden might not mean much but every morning God speaks to my heart through the planting, watering, feeding, and weeding process. Growing good things is hard, especially good things in the heart. It takes work. And lots and lots of time. So if you’re reading this and things in your life or garden seem to be more brown than green, ask for help.

Books I am Reading Right Now

The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers, by Oswald Chambers
Traces of Guilt, by Dee Henderson
Sacred Marriage, by Gary Thomas
I Give You Authority, by Charles Kraft

More Things I Like

* Topo Chico
* Popcorn
* Enjoy Life Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies
* Bacon
* Orange Tic Tacs and Hot Tamale Candy
* Shopping at Francesca’s and Altr’d State
* REI Garage Sales
* Going to Estate Sales on Friday and Garage Sales on Saturdays
* Listening to live music
* Paddle boarding
* Good Hugs