Go The Way of Hope | The Balm of Silence
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The Balm of Silence


(A mower hums from the yard next door, invading the silence I was trying to enjoy.)




How my soul needs it, craves it, yet so many things pollute its opportunity to find me.

I am one of those things.

Addicted to the noise and the distractions, how often I choose anything but the purity silence offers.

The noise pollution rages on as I hear the COLLISION AND CRASH of my heart’s desires.

How I long for the noisiest noise of all to be silent . . . the clanging inside my heart.

Can I push the conversations, confusion and chaos away long enough to hear You?

A whisper . . . A word . . . ANYTHING. Can I, for just a moment, be with you?

Dare I push away this illuminated screen and let my thoughts fade into a nothingness so trusting and pure that all I experience is you?

DARE I TRY . . .

To push away the thoughts and enjoy a silent mind?

I exhale, I push away to find . . .


Here you are.





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