Go The Way of Hope | The Tribe of Trailblazers
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The Tribe of Trailblazers



Thousands of miles traveled on well worn tread,

This path worn smooth from the countless safe steps my feet have taken.

This has been familiar ground.

Yet, something NEW has come . . .

The invitation before me to TRAILBLAZE into the unknown,

An unfamiliar familiar is beckoning me off the well worn path of controlled comfortability.

Memories flash of moments where my feet left this safe trail and pain more than pleasure ensued.

Yet, ALL of me is aware those moments and memories are nothing like this.

I am no longer the naive little girl wandering off into a world’s version of romantic fantasy.

No, this is different.

My feet have never stepped on this sacred ground before.

Yes, this invitation is into the divine and the appointed.

I couldn’t have manufactured or made this storyline up.

It’s here I see Your hand.

It’s here I hear Your gentle voice.

Leave the familiar,

Where you are in control, and . . .

Follow Me.

As I step, the rocks and roots of FEAR hide low and try to grab at my feet, slowing me down and tripping me up.

Determined to stay with You, I do not let them, though I must admit I slow down and even stop and stare at the ground.

Yet, gently I hear you again.

Breathe, My Love.

Step again.

Follow Me.

It’s here I unsheathe my sword and do battle with the lies screaming in my mind.

As my sword slices and dices the enemy’s schemes I realize how much STRONGER I am now.

I am no longer the naive little girl too weak to wage war.

As I take a deep breathe, I realize I am not even winded.

I look at You and see Your proud smile and we both laugh.

I glance around at the beauty and back at You and see,

You’ve ALWAYS been preparing me for this moment.

The memories and moments of pain had PURPOSE in them.

I am a divine warrior.

I am one of satan’s most hated enemies because I am . . .

A Beautiful woman.





I can stomp off into the unknown with You in high heels or tennis shoes and jeans.

It matters not to You.

For I am the Beauty,

Worthy in whatever my adventuring mood dresses me in for the day.

No wardrobe can label or box me in.

I glance around again and see,

I am not alone.

Countless other women, stepping into the unknown of their divine destinies . . .

We are trailblazing warriors.

We are the Chosen.

We are Women.




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